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chimichanga, chilliVegan Bean ChilliBy MoofremamaCrazy easy vegan bean chilli with chickpeas and beans is heavenly!
pâté, pate, bahnVegan PâtéBy MoofremamaIt looks like meaty pâté so you can easily trick your carnivore friends and family with this simple plant based recipe.
sauceHerb & lemon sauceBy MoofremamaA fantastic creamy herb and lemon white sauce that can be used with veg or pasta or a base for a mushroom pie.
Crispy onion and zucchini vegan omeletteBy MoofremamaI wish I had discovered this egg free omelette recipe years ago. It is quick, extremely cheap and easy to make for breakfast or as a snack or even a picnic.
roseChocolate Rose CakeBy MoofremamaThis rose cake is my favorite chocolate cake of all time with a gentle hint of rose.